How To Plan A Bohemian Girl’s Day

When you want throw a party for your girls you want to go all out. You wants to nail the outfits, the deco and the food. Here are some ways you can achieve it.

Plan, prepare and DIY

When you look for bohemian inspiration on the web you will be filled with pictures from girls wearing beautiful bohemian style dresses at carnivals or Coachella. At the same time you can also find things like beautifully patterned pillows, botanic and rustic furniture. So use these ideas to incorporate into your party. Planning a party can get overwhelming and not so in your budget. But the boho-chic theme is all about it being effortless, it is easy on your budget and almost everything is DIY.

If you are someone who is already into the bohemian style then you certainly will have what you need. Things you would need include funky rugs, cushions with prints/tribal prints, table spreads full of colour, wild flowers and refreshments.Then onwards it is all about the planning you can ask your guest to wear bohemian clothing online or outfits that go with the bohemian theme, let us be honest we all would love taking some pictures when we have a beautiful ambience. Then it is about creating that chic look and setting up. You can use a large and quite low table as your main point of gathering. Dress it up with your tribal table cloth it will give your drinks and snack a boho vibe. Then you can use your comfortable and soft cushions to place around the sitting area. You can place the rugs in the sitting area. Always add lights, festive fairy lights will bring a nice vibe to the room. Then you can start with your DIY decorations.

Make sure you bring in the vibe

The perfect decoration for a chic boho party is a garland made of flowers to hang from your walls or trees if you are having it out door. All you have to do is gather up a bunch of flowers with lots of foliage and make them up into different arrangements. You can use wildflowers, carnations and even lavender. You can tie then up and let them hang from a wall. You can even add dream catches if you want to get into the decorations. Have lustrous mason jars to serve up your drinks. Fill them up with mock tails. Place beautiful ceramics on your table. You can have little decorative elements such as copper candle stands as Centre pieces. For the finishing touches light up the candles, pour some drinks, wear your favorite bohemian dress, put down your hair and get the party started!