What You Could Do To Celebrate This Friendship Day

Be unique and innovative or be lazy and thoughtful, and gift your friend the perfect gift to show how much you care and value her for being there for you throughout every moment in your life! With friendship day being almost around the corner, all buddies and mates might be researching for cool gifts to give one another. Of course topping the other’s gift might be an aim at one point, but nevertheless it is a day where you get to truly thank your friend from the bottom of your heart. So here are some ideas to help you out.

A thoughtful giftUnlike the usual gifts you would give your friend, you could try out something different this year. There might be certain charity foundations that your friend favors over the others, so instead of simply letting this day pass through by gifting a t shirt done through, same day t shirt printing Sydney, you could use this idea instead and gift something to charity in his or her name.

A customized notebook Design a notebook with cool and meaningful quotes that has much to say about your entire friendship. You could have them handwritten and paste some polaroid pictures as well, to make things more interesting. Or you could even get some cool quotes printed on same day customised t shirts and wrap them up to be gifted to your friend.

A movie day Rather than simply camping on the couch to commemorate this special day, you could both book tickets to a movie playing in theaters for the day and experience the live setting of the movie in a big screen with amazing sound settings and delicious greasy popcorn! After the movie you could always go out to a favorite restaurant for some lunch or some ice cream!

A memorable token Have something special designed for the two of you. Something that both of you could share yet hold on to it differently. Today these kinds of bracelets, key chains and even necklaces of two halves of a heart are rather popular and available in almost any store. So you could either go for this kind of jewelry or find something worthier and more memorable.

A bunch of flowersEveryone loves flowers and you can never go wrong with them. So get a bouquet made with your friend’s favorite flowers and wrap them up well and surprise them as they wake up! You could also make one filled with chocolates and other sorts of Knick knacks, rather than flowers especially if your friend is a food junkie!

Host a partyThis is the next best thing you could do to celebrate this year’s friendship day. Host a dinner or a BBQ party with only your closest friends and enjoy the company of each other while you take a walk down the memory lane! For more information, please click here.